4X8 Portable, Walk-in, Chicken Coop

The 4×8 Portable, Walk-in, Chicken Coop is an excellent hen housing solution for those with a larger backyard who want to house around 6-8 birds. The durable wood and wire-mesh construction, along with option to pad lock the door, ensures the hens are well protected from predators. The outside nesting box allows for easy egg-collecting, while protecting the eggs from being broken accidentally. The coop can be easily moved hand using the included handle, the handle can also be used to hitch the coop to an atv or lawn tractor for effortless mobility. The coops full-size door allows you to easily access the interior for easy feeding and watering.

  • Holds up to 8 Birds
  • Outside Access to Nest Box
  • Moveable by Hand or ATV
  • Walk-in access to run area