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Your one stop choice for orders of white or brown ready-to-lay hens and all equipment to set up your hobby flock. Produce your own eggs! A revenue-producing hobby! Raising hens to produce your own eggs is an easy, practical, inexpensive way to turn a hobby for you and your family into a way to make some money. Under the right conditions, one chicken can lay up to 320 eggs in a year. We have 50 years of expertise to answer any questions you might have about your flock.
Browse our large selection of poultry products. If you are interested in purchasing some of our high quality ready-to-lay hens please contact us to arrange pick-up or delivery.
Due to supply chain constraints, we only offer limited shipping options are on our website. We do offer other shipping options, please contact us for details.

Hobby Flock Equipment

Our product line consists of everything from hens and pullets to incubators and feeding equipment. Browse our site to see all the latest products.

About Pullets Plus

Pullets Plus is a family owned business which was started in 1950. We are located west of Elmira, ON on Line 86. We raise and sell pullets, and we also sell the supplies you need to raise your own! In 2019 our family Celebrated 200 years of farming in Waterloo Region! We are pleased to share the knowledge with our customers that has been passed down through the generations of our family.